More Magic Than Tricks!


Magic Dragan, The Invisible Man, has entertained among others: BP, Apollo, OxExhServices, Contraband, North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce; UNICEF, Red Cross, Save the Children, Oxenses, Bernardo's, Helen & Douglas House, Val Williams, Chelsie Bulding Society, Oxfordshire Police Station, Schools, Hospitals, Private Events, Festivals...

"Having you perform at our companie's Christmas Party was really special. Fantastic, hilarious show! I laughed from the moment you started to the end and so did everyone else. It was a truly magical occasion. We want you back next year!"
Michael Festenstien, Director, Oxford Exhibition Services

"Your flexibility and ability to adapt to suit the environment was a sign of a true professional. Many thanks!"
Haralambos Stavrou (Events Organiser), Director, Beyond Certainty Limited, BP Event December 2008

"Thank you TIM, you have done a brilliant job at our exhibition event."
Julius Kisielius, Oracle User Group

"Oh, The Invisible Man, you were fantastic!!!"
Danny Burns, Managing Director, Apollo

"Dragan is a born storyteller and weaves the magic of narrative with the skill and mastery of a trickster magician, always appealing to the child deep within us all, that child that truly sees the world as a magical mystery tour."
Peter Mitchell, Eye Specialist

"Dragan is a wonderful entertainer. I booked him for my 50th birthday at New Year's Eve 2007. We had party-goers ranging from young children to those in their 60s. Because of the wide age range it could have been a difficult group (especially the teenagers) to entertain but Dragan pulled it off fantastically. He's able to adapt to different situations, provide entertainment for wide ranging groups, has innovative magic tricks woven into stories that keep the audience engaged, a strong presence, a magical unpredictability, professional standards and a warm, charming approach. I'd strongly recommend him."
Stephen Ferrel, International Business Consultant

"Thanks for celebrating our wedding with us and for your unique and truly wonderful contribution. You charmed and amazed us all! You turned our wedding into a wonderful festivity, thank you!"
Mr & Mrs Peters, Greenwich

"Great to have you entertain my guests.The Invisible Man costume is sheer genius! And as far as the magic goes, there were a few cynics there who thought they've seen it all. I was a little worried about what they'd say. But you've blown them all away. Thank you!"
Simon Holder, Private Party

"The Invisible Man was a real blast, absolutely side-splitting, from his surreal appearance to his histrionics! At first I was stunned, then I burst out laughing... The Invisible Man is a spooky surrealist. He's simply brilliant!"
Paul Aldridge